Smile Coupon Codes and Deals 2023

Smile makes dental health affordable for everyone, and believes that oral health care is a fundamental part of enjoying life and being happy. Now with the ability to use Smile coupons, members can get even more money off every time they go to the dentist. 

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$97/Year Family Plan

Get yourself and your family a dental plan for $97 a year at No voucher or coupon code required.

All Dental Treatment - 15% Off

No voucher code required. Just visit the Smile website and get the discount.

$77 Per Year on a Single Dentist Plan

At you get a deal of just $77 for single dentist plan. No voucher code required.

40% Discount on a 2 Year Subscription

This coupon is for 40% off at when you get the 2 year subscription.

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About Smile

The team at Smile is dedicated to providing people with a beautiful smile with healthy, dazzling teeth and fresh breath. Smile believes that by giving this to people, they can be more confident and have better self-esteem. It also prevents the development of some life threatening diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, strokes, and premature birth.


However, dental care can often be quite pricey, especially if you have a whole family to pay for. Smile helps to solve this problem and ensures that it’s possible for everyone to visit a dentist regularly. A challenge that has never before been taken on in Australia. Although the company hasn't made their way around all of Australia yet, they’re growing fast, and have plans to expand to reach everyone in the country. Keep an eye out for Smile discount codes or special offers that you can use for the nearest Smile.

Smile is partnered with some of the best dentists in Australia, and is working towards being partnered with many more. Currently the group already has over 700,000 members, with more people signing up every day. Once you become a member, you could save up to 40% off of your dental fees, with over 1,200 dentists across the country. You can join online or over the phone, it only takes a few minutes, and costs just $77 a year... it’s as simple as that.

How to join

Signing up to be a member of Smile couldn't be easier. Just follow these simple steps:

  • Firstly, you have to select a plan, you can pick from couple, family, single parent, and single, as each are slightly different and tailored to your situation.
  • Secondly, enter your details for an easy sign up process, so you can get the complete plan that you need.
  • Lastly, make you payment online. This will allow you to save loads in the long run! So join Smile and start saving today.

Smile vouchers

Not only is health care expensive in Australia, but dental care can also certainly make a dent in your wallet. Not only do you have to worry about the dental treatments such as teeth whitening, crowns, cosmetic dentistry and fillings, but there’s also regular check-ups. By signing up, you’ll save a minimum of 15% off dental fees straight away, with many people saving up to 40%!

Bargainroo can help you save even more money with Smile, with plenty of Smile coupons to help put a smile on your face. Once you’ve found the code that you want to use, just go to the Smile website and click on Join, then enter the code into the box provided! You could find:

  • $77 off two years of dental plans
  • Get your second year free
  • 50% off of a dental care plan at smile
  • 50% off your second year of membership
  • Save 10% if you sign up today with a Smile promo code



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